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Policy Priorities

Defending Reproductive Freedom 

Women in Tennessee face unacceptable disparities in access, disparities in outcomes, and disparities in freedom. We face one of the most draconian abortion bans in the country, and our representative in TN-7 supports it. In Congress, I will vote to make Roe v. Wade the law of the land once again. 

Our state’s maternal mortality rate is almost twice the national average - protecting reproductive freedom is not just about abortions, it’s about provider shortages, access to contraceptives, mammograms, maternal mortality, domestic violence services, postpartum care, and more. I will work on all of these issues in Congress, while also being a strong supporter of every woman’s right to decide where, when, and how to start and grow a family.

Building Safer Communities

Creating safe communities starts with us. There is so much that we can agree on: supporting our police and first responders, keeping firearms from dangerous people, and protecting our kids. We can also agree that universal background checks, temporary transfer laws, and safe storage requirements are critical to keeping families safe in times of crisis. Congress should enact these protections and tie them to care for the mental health problems that prompt violent and suicidal thoughts.

Firearms are the leading cause of death among children in the US – a national heartbreak that hit very close to home when innocent kids were killed at The Covenant School. I will be a forceful advocate for the thoughtful, pragmatic measures to protect kids and communities that most Tennesseans want, without compromising Second Amendment rights. 

Creating an Economy for Everyone 

Tennessee's hard-working families continue to struggle to pay for gas, groceries, prescriptions, and other essentials. We deserve an economy that works for everyone. I am committed to supporting tax reform that helps families make ends meet and ensures that wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share. I will be a fierce advocate for policies that make it easier to afford to care for our children and for aging relatives. I support a long overdue rise in the federal minimum wage so that the earnings of our lowest paid workers are not further eroded by inflation. And I will work to bring high-speed internet and good paying jobs to rural Tennessee. Our small businesses are the engines of our economy, and Congress should support them by rewarding companies that choose to take good care of their workers, for instance by offering expanded benefits like paid family leave. I believe in an economy where everyone has a chance to thrive, not just get by.

Protecting our Seniors

For generations, the Social Security system has meant that after working and saving for decades, seniors can retire without fear of falling into poverty, and Medicare has provided the essential healthcare safety net they count on. The steps that Congress needs to take to keep these programs solvent and successful are not a mystery, but too many in Washington lack the will to do what needs to be done. I will work across the aisle to enact needed reforms to ensure these basic promises we make to our seniors will endure for generations to come. I will also work to improve federal oversight of Medicare Advantage plans, many of which take advantage of seniors by making misleading promises about coverage.

Not everyone gets to retire as early as they would like. The percentage of seniors over 65 still in the workforce has almost doubled in the last 30 years, and let’s be clear, that’s not all by choice. With costs of housing, healthcare, and other necessities higher than ever, I will make sure that older Americans workers who put off retirement get the fair shake they deserve, and will fight to make sure the social security system is healthy and ready when they do retire –  and will be there down the road when their kids and grandkids reach retirement age.

Combating the Opioid Crisis 

We all know someone impacted by the crisis of substance use. Losing my son Max to an overdose shaped my life in so many ways, and it has driven the change I want to make in Congress. Those struggling with substance use disorder and their families have a right to receive care for their needs, and not be stigmatized. We need to make sure that mental and behavioral illnesses are treated with the same care that physical illnesses are with comprehensive coverage so everyone can afford the treatment they need.

Our next Representative should also work to increase the supply of providers able to offer immediate access to care in crisis. Addressing this issue also means stopping the cycle of prescription-based substance use by incentivizing care coordination and passing stricter authorization and dispensing laws. For too long insurers have taken the easy way out, covering pills and pain management instead of physical therapy, chiropractic care, and other interventions that address the actual causes of acute pain. I will work to change that in Congress.

Ensuring Access to Healthcare

Healthcare is a fundamental right, not a luxury. Rising costs, provider shortages, and hospital closures have resulted in Tennessee leading the nation in medical bankruptcies and hospital closures per capita. Right now, eight counties in this district have only one hospital, and three counties have none.

Tennesseans should not have to choose between their health and financial stability. The 7th District needs a Representative who will make sure that federal policies prioritize investing in primary care and incentivizing providers in rural areas. I will work with hospitals in the district to adopt strategies that make it possible to survive and thrive, with access to the federal dollars that Medicaid offers. Unlike my opponent, I am committed to lowering prescription drug prices, strengthening long-term care options for seniors, improving access to mental health services, and expanding Medicare to include vision, hearing, and dental services. I will vehemently oppose efforts to cut or privatize Medicare and Medicaid. 

Serving Our Veterans and Service Members

Our veterans and military families have sacrificed so much for our nation. It's long past time to honor our promises to them. As the daughter of a Marine, I will push Congress to fully fund the benefits earned by our servicemembers, and ensure that veterans' services are not treated as political pawns. That includes providing supportive services for housing and employment, and improving access to care for the hundreds of thousands of service members diagnosed with a mental health disorder. In Congress, I will prioritize our veterans, fight for stable and reliable military services, and protect the benefits that our heroes rightfully deserve.

Preserving Our Land and Environment

Safeguarding Middle Tennessee’s beautiful landscape means addressing threats to our farms and food while building resilience to flooding and storms. I will work on agricultural land preservation, supporting current and future farms, and protecting them from overdevelopment and foreign purchasers. Tennessee is losing our important farmland faster than almost any other state – about 86,000 acres a year, and I am committed to protecting these vital resources, as well as the hunting and fishing grounds throughout our district. I will also ensure that federal resources are available to address storm damage and rebuild from disasters, protecting both our environment and our economy. 

Reforming Immigration

The situation at America’s southern border needs urgent attention and comprehensive reform. A bipartisan plan negotiated in the Senate earlier this year would have been a promising start, but Republicans (including my opponent) blocked it because they wanted an election issue to crow about, not actual results. I support a bipartisan approach to secure the border, modernize the immigration system, and uphold American values. I believe in creating a system that works for everyone, ensuring that immigrants can contribute to our economy and society while maintaining strong border security. In Congress, I will work across the aisle to build consensus and achieve meaningful reform.

Energy and the Environment

Change to climate pose serious challenges that affect agriculture, tourism, and other aspects of our economy, and if we ignore these challenges our children will pay the price. Until a carbon-free energy future is feasible, I support an all-of-the-above approach to energy production utilizing a mix of responsible traditional energy sources and an increasing share of renewable technologies. 

Tennessee’s large and growing automotive industry employs over 140,000 Tennesseans and produces more than 600,000 vehicles annually. With the LG Chem cathode plant under construction in Clarksville and the BlueOval City project in West Tennessee, Tennessee workers are poised to play a meaningful role in producing climate-friendly electric vehicles and advanced battery technology for years to come. In Congress, I will support investments in American manufacturing to create clean energy jobs and keep them here, leveraging our state’s existing industries while maintaining environmental sustainability.

America's Role in the World

America has been a beacon for democracy and freedom for over two centuries, and with that comes responsibility for using our power and influence to make the world safer and freer. For me, that means supporting strong alliances with democratic nations and standing with people everywhere who struggle against oppression. includes support for the brave people of Ukraine in their fight against Putin’s brutal and unprovoked attack on their sovereignty.

Regarding Israel-Hamas, what happened on October 7th was a horrific attack by Hamas, and Israel has a right to defend itself. We must advocate for a mutual ceasefire that provides for the immediate return of all hostages and an end to the civilian suffering in Gaza by enabling a massive surge in humanitarian aid. The continuing loss of life needs to end, and we need to push for a two-state solution for lasting peace. Additionally, I don’t believe in blank checks - I believe in providing support with accountability, ensuring transparency in U.S. aid. 

I advocate for leveraging our alliances to confront threats from adversaries like Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea, maintaining America's role as a global leader.

Addressing Inaction in Washington

Congress right now spends its time arguing a lot and accomplishing precious little. The current Congress has been shown to be the least productive in decades. The 7th District needs a Representative who won’t keep kicking the can down the road on the issues that matter to the lives of Tennessee families. An effective government must have a budget that lasts longer than a few months -- especially when that budget funds critical community needs like Medicare assistance counseling, small business services, and food programs for economically disadvantaged families, not to mention pay for those who serve in our military. We deserve better than a do-nothing Congress concerned mainly with political posturing and infighting. I will go to Washington focused on building bipartisan consensus, and I am willing to work with anyone and everyone to craft genuine solutions to the issues we all face.

73 White Bridge Rd #103-353

Nashville, TN 37205

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