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Contact: Tucker Karnes
December 6, 2023

Megan Barry Announces Campaign for U.S. Congress in TN-07 against Incumbent Mark Green

See Announcement Video HERE

Nashville, TN - Megan Barry, the first woman ever elected Mayor of Nashville, released an ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO today launching her campaign for Tennessee’s 7th district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, spelling out her reasons for challenging incumbent Congressman Mark Green.

Citing a dysfunctional Congress and the failures of Mark Green and his colleagues in the House Majority to address the issues people care about and to make a meaningful difference for families, Megan Barry declared, “It’s outrageous and we don’t have to tolerate it.”

Barry, who lost her only son to an overdose, pointed to the raging overdose crisis, all-too-frequent mass shootings, and the closure of local rural hospitals as reasons for her candidacy against Green, who she said has done little or nothing on these critical issues.

Barry added, “Women in Tennessee are dealing with one of the most extreme and restrictive laws on reproductive healthcare in the country, and Mark Green supports it. I want to go to D.C. to restore the rights of women in America, where we are trusted to make our own healthcare decisions.”

“On virtually every issue that matters most to Tennesseans - a thriving economy, healthcare access, education, gun violence, reproductive rights - Mark Green is on the wrong side,” said Barry.

Barry said she is running because the voters of the 7th district deserve a representative who knows how to work in a bipartisan fashion to get things done, who understands that the real concerns of working families have been ignored for too long, and who will fight every day to build an economy that works for everyone.


73 White Bridge Rd #103-353

Nashville, TN 37205

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