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Contact: Tucker Karnes
February 14, 2024

STATEMENT: Megan Barry Reacts to Mark Green’s Retirement

“Mark Green’s announcement today changes nothing. When I announced my campaign, it wasn’t to just defeat one person but rather to help overhaul a system that has forgotten about families and communities.

A system that has taken away a woman's right to reproductive freedom.

A system that has seen wealthy corporations earn record profits while Americans struggle to pay their bills, access quality healthcare, and find housing they can afford.

 A system that has failed to deliver on common sense gun policies that would keep our children and communities safe.

Mark Green is leaving behind a broken Congress that has failed to deliver for Tennessee families, and that is why I’m in this race – to be their voice, their choice, for a better America.

I expect candidates who agree with Mark Green or are even more extreme will announce campaigns, and I look forward to taking on whoever makes it through that primary.”


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Nashville, TN 37205

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